¡Manage your patents records easy and agile!

Intelectia is the web solution to manage your patents in an organized way where you can keep track of all your patent records with the possibility of viewing the status and organizing them either by applicant, country where the patent was registered.

Intelectia also has the option for you to see a calendar with the expiration date of your patents.

Intellectia Patents functions

Here are some of the main functions of Intellectia Patentes. We hope that we can contribute with them to achieve their business objectives.


The customer manager will allow you to record all the information about customers and their activity.

View and manage records by clients

A simple view will allow you to know each of the registration or follow-up processes that each of your clients have.

Patent registration process

Patent data registration

A simple interface that has all the aspects of patent registration and tracking: patent data, documents, events, customer follow-ups, billing events, real-time information from the registry office, change history, electronic documents , among others.

Calendar of Events scheduled

You can keep track of every event that occurs with your portfolio. Events are saved in the system when they occur in the registration office and you will be notified via email.

Document storage

Have a digital folder and keep an electronic file of the documents associated with the patent. Make them available for when you need them and share them.

Clients follow up and track

Stay in control of what happens to your customer. With the follow-up management function, you will be able to keep a record of the contacts or any communication exchange that have occurred with the client.

Record of billing activities

Keep track of events related to service billing. Get reports and account statements by client, applicant, etc. You can enter billing activities to share with your finance department or generate listings.

Generation of expiration alarms

View and quick search of records

Powerful report generator

Available online with an internet connection

Access from multiple devices, pc or mobile

Grant access to your clients or collaborators

Videos and screenshots

Here are some videos, demos and screenshots of Intelectia Patents

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