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Intelectia has a health records module, we offer you software that consists of providing a solution to organize your procedures in a more efficient way, classifying your procedures by procedure number, application date, applicant's name, owner's name and registration number. optimizing the way you organize your procedures for greater effectiveness. Store all the data and events related to the process.

Consulta de datos de registro sanitario

Sanitary registrations features

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General information

In the general data section we find information about the procedure such as the application date, registry office, country of registration, status of the procedure, you can also see the date of approval of the procedure and its expiration date.

Responsible Healthcare Professional

You may information such as the health official identity card, address, legal representative and the power of attorney number in addition to the tramitador information such as name, ID number, email and telephone number.

Owner Information

You will be able to get information about the owner of your procedure such as name, company information, country of origin, identity document and the owner's reference number.

Product Information

A complete section where you can store and obtain information about the product such as its description, the brand, its type, the country of origin and if it has a certificate of free sale or government permits.


Manage all the manufacturer's information such as the type of company, the manufacturer's country, identity document, documents and files and any other relative and relevant data.


With our event organizer, you will have a list of your closest events and reminders so as not to forget the due date of your procedures, as well as a description of the event in an orderly and classified way.


Manage a digital folder with files and digital documents of your cases and procedures. You can upload any type of document: Word, Excel, PDF, Photos


Efficiently manage your procedures assigning persons responsible for each case. You will be able to segment the portfolio within your team so that those responsible have visibility of their cases quickly and easily, as well as to receive alerts and reminders.

Event Log

Our software stores all the relevant information. With our event log you will be able to obtain a record of all the operations carried out with their respective details such as the date, type of operation and the user.

Manage due dates

Manage the expiration dates of your health records from a single place.

Videos and screenshots

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