Trademark watch

Keep an eye on your trademark portfolio at all times with Intelectia!

Our watch service allows us to identify third-party trademark registration requests that affect or could affect the rights of the trademarks in your portfolio.
Through this value-added service you can make phonetic, similar or identical comparisons between the bulletins or gazettes of the registration offices.

How the trademark watch works

  • Upload of data from official gazettes: Our work team is responsible for uploading the data published in the gazettes or newsletters of brand offices to our platform. This data upload is done a few days after a gazette or bulletin has been published.
  • Execution of comparisons: Intelectia has several comparison algorithms (similar words, phonetic similarities or the same words). Each trademark application that is published in a newsletter is compared with the record in your portfolio, if there is any similarity, the system generates an alarm an these results through reports.
  • Alerts: Once new gazettes are published, you will receive an alert that indicates that the comparison of the newsletter or gazette versus your portfolio has been executed so that you can study it.
  • Reports: It is possible to generate several listings from your portfolio that are published in the newsletter or gazettes.

Trademark Watch Service Features

Here are some of the main features of Intelectia Trademark Watch. We hope that we can contribute with them to achieve your business objectives.

Constant vigilance

Bulletin data upload is done by the intelectia team

We have data from different registration offices

Different algorithms for making phonetic and word-like comparisons

Receive reports of matches in your email

Comparisons run automatically once the data is available

Identify possible opposition to protect your portfolio

Videos and screenshots

Here are some videos, demos and screenshots

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